Holiday Poem Camp: Fern goes scooting

Fern has sent in this poem for the Holiday Poem Camp. It seems the perfect poem for camping as it is just what you might do. There are lots of great sounds running through the poem and the poem is full of zim and zippity movement. I enjoyed reading it.


Streamy stones

‘Zoom, eerrrk!’

Went my flash scooter’s wheels

Just then I hit the gravel road

We stopped

‘Plop, plop, plop’

Went the hard, grey, stones

Into the murky, algae-covered stream


I dropped about

Eight million, six thousand, and twenty-four

Grey, white pebbly stones into the fast-flowing stream

The streamy stones got covered in wet, slimy, goo

By Fern

Age: 8

Year: 3

Ormond School, Gisborne

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