Holiday Poem Camp: Lana loves horses

Lana sent in a bundle of poems and the one about horses was my favourite. I think this poem has a terrific mood drifting through it. Lana picked words that created the action and the setting beautifully. Great job Lana!


Horses in the Twilight

Horses remind me of fresh spring grass, under the light of the moon

They smell of newly cut hay, hiding in a net

Galloping across the plains, like a phantom of the night

The sound of hooves in the distance, with a shadow passing by

It feels good to go for a midnight canter, through a forest lit by moonlight

With eerie sounds around you, sending shadows flying

Slowly a red light fills the air, oh no, the sun is rising

Quick back to bed and pretend it never happened

Lana goes to Michael Park Rudolph Steiner School, Ellerslie and is aged 12

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