Holiday Poem Camp: Octopus in the Desert

I really like the idea that Monica came up with for this poem. Maybe you could try it. Monica’s poem has a great shape to it with its surprising start and surprising end. It made me want to think of things in odd places. Send me a poem with this idea if you like. Brava Monica!


Hi Paula

I thought a good idea for a poem would be about things that don’t belong. Here’s my poem about things that don’t go together, like an octopus and the desert, and me and maths!






octopus in the desert…

longing for water to rush upon its face

and free him


cat in the ocean

waiting for air to fill his lungs

and help him


dog in the supermarket

yearning for a meaty bone to fill his tummy

and cure him


I am in maths

longing for it to finish

the bell rings

and I start writing

this poem


By Monica, age 11yrs, Year 6 at Russley School

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