Holiday Poem Camp: Hippity Hoppity the Hungarian Vissler!

Poppy and Fern wrote this poem together! Have a go at writing a poem with your brother or sister or friend!  This is a story in the shape of a poem and is exciting to read! Great job young poets. Next time try writing your poem without busing the capitals down the side, it will change the flow. It adds to the excitement here though.

Hippity Hoppity the Hungarian Vissler!

“Aw,” we said

“Look at those rare blue ducks”

Next minute

“Here Haze”

The current was pulling him away

From the rocky bank

We were shocked

Twisting and turning

In the fresh water

Trying to get to the ducks

On the other bank

I start to cross the river

Poppy starts following me

The current pulls us

Managing to stand


Suddenly he manages to cross

We were relieved

That he crossed the rushing current


We all shouted!

By Poppy and Fern

Age 8

Year 3

Ormond School, Gisborne

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