Holiday Poem Camp: shut your eyes and try Isak’s idea

I really like the idea Isak thought of for his poem. I thought we could copy it for today’s Holiday Poem Camp challenge. Try shutting your eyes and listening hard. Open your eyes and write down all the things you can hear. Turn this into a poem. Play with the first line (the beginning) and the last line (the ending).

It is a perfect challenge for the Holiday Poem Camp as it is like doing a Burma Poem Trail (where you go walking in the dark, holding the rope and using all your other senses).

Send to Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email if you like.

Check out Isak’s poem below:

Hi Paula

I thought a good idea for a poem would be things I could hear around me.


Age 8yrs, Year 4 at Russley School, Christchurch


faint voices in the distance

birds chirping

aeroplanes moaning

dogs barking

fridge humming

clock ticking

lawnmower roaring

fan whirring

family shuffling

to get comfortable

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