Holiday Poem Camp: a kangaroo and the moon

Ella has been busy doing all the challenges for Holiday Poem Camp. I can see she loves writing very much. I have picked two of my favourites. The moon poem has a very cool simile (ooh, I’d love to put it in a poem!) and a great adjective for the sky. I love the way she has played with the word order. I also love the way the poem repeats itself (check out where!). The kangaroo poem has some dynamite similes too. Small poems like this are so delicious. Great job Ella, I enjoyed reading all your poems and giving you extra tips.

The Moon

I’d stand,
The moon,
a pale goat’s cheese,
so perfectly
amongst the ebony sky,
studded with little pinpricks of quivering light.
My mouth,
wide open,
my eyes,
such beauty.
and real.
I’d stand,


Legs like pistons,
Small front hands,
Cheeky grin,
Eyes black beads,
Pretty cool!

By Ella
Ohaupo School
Year 8
13 YO

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