Holiday Poem Camp: Prize giving — part one

If we were on camp, we would be toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate and then heading inside to have a little concert where everyone would do a star turn. What fun! I am going to make a cup of tea and share some of my highlights from the past two weeks. A big thank you to all the young poets who tried my challenges and sent in poems. I have loved reading them all (as have other readers). The most important thing is you have fun reading and writing. Sometimes I can post your poem and on very special occasions i can send out some prizes.

So tararummdadadedadadaCha!! A little holiday poem camp prize giving!

First up is Ewen who sent in lots of poems over the camp but she is getting a special poetry-prize pack because she sent in my favourite poem about a place to celebrate my 300th post and my favourite letter on poetry. I am going to send a little prize back of poetry things ( I will let you know what I send as I have to go hunting today in the city). I also espicially loved her ice-cream poem for the camp and ‘Left with the sun.’ I have posted all these below. Ewen is a great follower of Poetry Box and is discovering all kinds of things that poems can do. Great job Ewen and congratulations! Ewen is aged 11, in Year 6 and goes to Fendalton Open Air School in Christchurch.

Dear Paula Green,

My name is Ewen, I am in year 6 at Fendalton Open Air School. I like reading poems that have a good flow, such as: ‘Ode To Pablo’s Tennis Shoes’. Whether the poem is is imaginary or real, I also find poetry that tells a story interesting. When I read a poem I enjoy seeing a twist incorporated into the poem.

Though my most favoured poetry topic is nature, I still relish experimenting with different poetry topics, rhymes and forms. The reason why my favourite poetry topic is nature, is because I can look out the window and easily find a writing idea. Also when I am reading a nature poem it is simple to visualise the scene. Nature may sound as though it is a rather broad subject but that’s what is so intriguing. Your poem can live around you!

Some people like sad poems, others prefer happy poems but I like a bit  of both, as long as it has a hook. And oh yes,  it’s not a pirate hook, it’s a hook that take’s the reader on a voyage of a lifetime.

Ewen Wong aged 11, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air Primary School, Christchurch




A Hot Summer Ice Cream



frozen cream

oozy and sweet

summery it may seem

with such a boiling heat.

The weather hot with blue sky

the sun shining bright

finger licking good

a lick is

in my





Left with the Sun


A little daisy

sits on the grass

sun shining upon it.


It was picked

but left with nothing

except the sun.


Slowly it waves at me

in the direction

of the wind.


Limp it is

but still fighting

in hope and desperation.


Suddenly it stopped waving

and lay there

sleeping in the sun.





Caroline Bay


The satiny, torrid sand

melted my feet

as I stared at the waves

crashing vigorously.

My feet were captured

by a freezing rush

of powerful waves

smacking me like rubble

in an earthquake.


I squinted

as handfuls of sand

slithered into my eyes

and wind smashed

onto my eyelids

keeping them stuck.


My stomach churned

as a smell

of fresh water

scuttled up my nostrils.

I wouldn’t have left

if I hadn’t known

what was in store

for me afterwards.

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