Holiday Poem Camp: Prize giving part two

Now for some favourite poems that got sent in for the camp.

I do want to say a big congratulations to Linda (and I loved your letters!), Fern, Poppy and Isak. I loved reading your poems and I do hope you send more in.

Ella goes to Ohaupo School and sent in a number of terrific poems. I particularly love her moon poems so I am sending her a copy of my book: Macaroni Moon (Random House, 2009). Congratulations Ella, I enjoyed your poems very much indeed. I hope to see more writing from you this year!


I’d stand.
The moon,
A pale goats cheese,
So perfectly,
Amongst the ebony sky,
Studded with little pinpricks of quivering light.
My mouth,
Wide open,
My eyes,
At such beauty.
And real.
I’d stand,

By Ella Ohaupo School Year 8 aged 13

I was so blown away by the poems Monica sent in from Russley School in Christchurch, I am sending her a copy of Macaroni Moon too and a surprise poetry gift. Monica did pretty much every challenge. Here are some of my favourite poems she wrote: ‘Dreaming,’ ‘Moon,’ ‘Goodbye Cleo,’ ‘Mischief,’ ‘Octopus in the Desert’ (and there were many more!). Her poems are funny, surprising, sad, thoughtful and inventive. Congratalations Monica, reading your poems was an absolute treat (put her name in the sidebar and go hunt them out poetry fans!).



 cats purring like a motor

pages turning like leaves

Mum sighing like wind

Dad snoring like thunder

wrapper crinkling like footsteps

clouds crying of sadness

me writing this poem

                like Wordsworth

By Monica    age 11yrs, Year 6, Russley School



silver eye

slowly closes

its lids


darkness rules

the sky

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