Holiday Poem Camp: Which Humpty Dumpty is this?

Monica took up the challenge to write a poem as though you are character in a nursery rhyme. It is very zany and fun to read. Read this poem out loud to someone!


Hi Paula,

Here’s my nursery rhyme character poem.



Age 11, year 6, Russley School



Humpty Dumpty


I really did not mean to fall,

it’s not my fault I am not tall,

I was only reaching for an apple

then fell off in front of the chapel

where two old eggs were playing  scrabble.


All I did was break my shell

and all my yolk well- out it fell,

that is the only true part of the story

that the king wrote but cause of his glory

everyone believed him- which was naughty.


So now I’ll tell you the real script:

I was lying there completely stripped ,

all my yolk running out of me

I was right there for someone to see

but no one, NO ONE helped me!


Finally I cried out ‘help!’

My yolk supply was running out.

This nice girl put a plaster on me,

at least this person really could see

that I needed first aid on me.


She took me home and we lived together

and I was happy…   FOREVER and EVER!



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