This Week on Poetry Box: Competition results and world languages

Welcome back! I do hope you have had a good break and are ready for new challenges and delights at school.

myvillagecovcase:Layout 1

This week on Poetry Box I am using a gorgeous book by Gecko Press, My Village: Rhymes from around the World, as our launch pad for poems. But it is also the week where I announce the results of The Second Fabulous Poetry Competition for Children.

On Monday I will set you a challenge or two, on Tuesday I will announce the competition results and post the winning poems, on Wednesday I will give you some starting points for your poem, on Thursday I will tell you what I love about My Village, and on Friday I will share the poem I have been working on and my life with other languages.

And I am so excited as I have just got a box of children’s poetry books from America, but I have to wait to look at them, as I have so many jobs to do this morning!

Let’s hope Term 4 zings and zips with poems. My head is full of ideas of things I want to write and read and do!

BTW I really loved getting your letters during the holidays. A big congratulations to Ewen (Fendalton Open Air School), Monica (Russley School) and Ella (Ohaupo School) who were my holiday prizewinners. They wrote awesome poems.


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