The Second Fabulous Poetry Competition: Some individual favourites



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There were so many wonderful poems to read in this competition, but I have picked out a few young poets to send prizes to as I promised. Each young poet will get a copy of my book Aunt Concertina and her Niece Evalina (Random House, 2009) and a book voucher. The book is nearly out-of-print so I was delighted that Random House donated two copies as prizes. A big thank you! (The illustrations are by Michael Hight.)

So congratulations to these poets but a big round of applause from me to all the teachers and students who joined in the competition. I do hope you continue to be part of the Poetry Box family. Cheers!

The Poets:

1. Danial has written a deliciously simple poem that is surprising and musical. Every word is in just the right place. I like the way the line lengths change in the scond half. It is a brilliant image to have grow in your head … and then change. I loved this poem. Wonderful!


The Clouds

by Danial aged 6 Year 2 Russley School


The clouds look like ghosts

moving so slowly in the sky.

At night

the ghost clouds

go away.




2. Riley’s poem grabbed my attention. I love the way a poem can explore the different meanings of words (like puns). So this poem is both surprising and funny and vivid. The image at the end of the poem was like a little explosion in my head. I loved it!



By Riley aged 10, Year 6 Russley School


When my teacher first said,

“We are doing a brainstorm,’’

didn’t know what she meant.

I thought she meant brains

would plummet from the sky.
I went up to the teacher…

“Are brains going to fall from the sky?’’


I discovered

clouds of ideas

and words

that shoot out like lightning.




3. Jess has written another poem in parts. I love way she picks out a couple of details to help build a picture in my head of a storm. The word ‘hit sounds good on the line and it also adds to the power of the storm. The ending makes it really clear how big a storm this was, without spelling it out. Magnificent!


The Storm
by Jess aged 9, Year 5 Russley School

The wind storm
hit Canterbury,
some houses
will not get power
until Sunday September 15th

At the time
I saw
a flying chair





4. Rylee has had fun in this poem mixing up animals. I especially love the name of the zoo! The poem has a nice rhythm. Super!


Animal mix-up

by Rylee, aged 7 Green Bay School


You can mix up animals you see

In your imagination for you and me

We can make an egglion or a hippocatamus

I can do it easily without any fuss

It is amazing what you can do

Now let’s see your incy-du-bull zoo.




5. Caleb has written a terrific poem to celebrate his Grandma. I love all the detail but my favourite line has the word ‘flowers’ in it. He has chosen some great adjectives (describing words). I love the way the start of the lines changes now and then. Awesome!



by Caleb aged 7 Year 2 Mahana School


My Grandma is big.

She has grey hair.

She feels bumpy, shaky and soft.

My Grandma likes to walk.

My Grandma smells like a pot of flowers.

I love her.



And I have picked a sixth poem! Samuel has put surprising things together in his poem. I love the way there are two things dancing in the poem (and maybe the All Blacks are too as they score a try!). This poem is like a Margaret Mahy poem full of delicious imagination leaps. Wonderful!



by Samuel aged 8 Year 3 St Ignatius Catholic School


I can see the elephant in the wind

It is dancing on a skateboard

The wind is dancing

The birds are chirping

The All Blacks are playing





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