Some starting points for picture poems


This week’s challenge is to make a picture poem. Here are some tips to get started. Tomorrow I will post some of mine for you to check out. This is my ‘Ice-Cream Monkey’ poem though.

1. Pick a topic.

2. Collect as many words as you can.

3. Try making some lines of different sizes that you can put in your picture.

4. Draw a faint outline of where you want the words to go.

5. Fill the picture with your words (words don’t need to be everywhere!).

6. Do you need to draw any extra details (like eyes or teeth or shoes or whiskers)?

7. Go over the words with a pen.

8. You might be able to rub out the faint pencil lines.

9. Give ithe poem a title.

10. Try reading it. Usually there are lots of ways to read a picture poem. And you can call it a picture poem, a shape poem or a concrete poem. Over to you!

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