A bouquet of poems from Hebron Christian College

After I visited Hebron Christian College earlier this year, they ran a poetry competition. These are some of my favourites! Congratulations to all the students who wrote poems and to the school winners. Great job!


Flowers love to dance at night

They love to dance with the stars in the moonlight

They sing

and swirl

and smile

and laugh.

By Sienna M, age 7


Little Bo Peep


A crook

Little Bo Peep

Her sheep


By Sienna S age 5.


Three cats

Three cats sat on a mat,

They thought they saw a big fat rat,

So they got off the mat,

And caught a bat,

Instead of a rat.


They went to bed,

After a yummy meal.

By Jaime, age 8.



I am the moon.

I come out at night with my friends the stars.

I shimmer and sparkle as my light increases;

I bring shivers down people’s spines as they watch my bright light.

People think I’m made of cheese

and I say

“Oh Please !”


I slide gracefully to the surface, and show off my splendid beauty.

I circle the earth and bring light with the stars to the black, dull night.

People watch me fade

Goodbye moon

Come again soon.

By Natania, age 10.


Flowers are beautiful

Flowers are beautiful,

Pink and white

And lovely for sight

They are peaceful and pretty for light.

By Cinzia, age 7.

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