Reading Festival: First competition for children and schools


To celebrate our Reading Festival I will post a number of competitions over the next two weeks.

I will post my favourite entries as I get them and on Friday November 29th there will be a prize giving!

At the end of the three weeks I will give out the prizes to the winning children BUT I will also give an original Michael Hight painting from my book Flamingo Bendalingo to the school that participates with enthusiasm and inspires me.

For Competition Number One, I am so excited as I am going to give one of my favourite books as a child to the winner! I LOVED the poetry of AA Milne and I have a gorgeous colour edition of his book Changing the Guard at Buckingham Place (Egmont, 2013) as a prize.

Competition Number 1 (for Years 0 to 8)

Write about what you love about reading and books. You can include names of your favourite books. You could write it as a letter to me or a paragraph or a little story. You can use questions below to help you.


Do an interview with me by answering some of these questions (pick SOME you want to answer and ADD you own if you want):

What books did you love when you were little?

Did anyone read to you?

Where is your favourite place to read?

What do you like about reading?

Do you have a favourite book character?

Do you have a favourite author? What do you love his or her books?

Has a book ever made you sad?

Has a book ever made you happy?

Has a book ever made you laugh out loud?

What kind of books do you like and why?

Do you have a favourite illustrator?

Have you ever read a book and hated the ending (I have!)?

Has a teacher ever read you a cool book? What did you like about it?

If you were stuck on a desert island what three books would you take?

Do you like reading New Zealand books? Do you have a favourite NZ author?

Do you like reading poetry? Do you have some favourite poets? What do you like about them?

Do you like to visit the library? What do you like about it?

 Send your entry to Include your name, age, year and name of school. Include your teacher’s name and email address if you can.

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