Reading Festival: Victoria M. Azaro cooked a fruit tart like Jo!

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Victoria M Azaro’s reading snapshot:

I would always wake up before my twin brother. I cherished this time because it meant that I could read in silence, without interruptions. I would open my book and I would instantly be transported to Jo’s world. Her sisters and her mother were so real to me. One day I would be like Jo…maybe… maybe not.

Little Women was my series of choice and of course I read it in Spanish. I only knew very little English back then! The one thing I remember was getting into the kitchen and cooking a fruit tart like Jo did in the book. I still cook that tart sometimes.

And I definitely still read children’s books, but I do it every night instead of every morning. I have just finished a young adult novel, The Convent by Maureen McCarthy, which reminds me very much of my Latin and Catholic upbringing. I am also enjoying  reading Sounds Spooky to my daughter every night (by christopher Cheng). We both love the rhythm and the sound of the words.


Victoria M. Azaro was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she developed a passion for the Fashion and the Fine Arts world. Victoria holds a Masters of Fine Arts and a Major in Fashion Desigh. She has studied and worked in many places around the world; but it wasn’t until her first son was born that she started writing and illustrating for children. She published her first book “Saffron” in 2009, followed by “Saffron, I have everything under control” in 2010; and “Saffron , so quite excellent” in 2012.

“Saffron” was awarded the prestigious “White Ravens 2010” as well as being on the “Storylines Notable Junior Fiction” list for 2010. The “Saffron” series is still growing with Saffron having a monthly column in a New Zealand Children’s magazine.

Victoria now lives in Auckland, with her husband and their three children and she spends every free minute of the day writing and illustrating.

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