Reading Festival: Librarian Desna Wallace had her own pretend library when she was little!


Desna Wallace is Fendalton Open Air School’s Librarian. She is also a blogger, writer and passionate reader of children’s books.

She has written a snapshot of her reading life as a child:

I loved to read anywhere and everywhere, even with the book up against the kitchen taps when I washed the dishes.

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My favourite books were Milly Molly Mandy, Enid Blyton and a very special book of A Child’s Garden of Verses by R L Stevenson whom I adored. Still have the  book today. The library was a safe haven although very much just a hallway and not like school libraries today. I even had my own pretend library and made cards and lent my books to friends in the street. Big mistake as I didn’t get them all back. I remember signing up to the local library and feeling so proud and so lucky to have access to so many books.

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My standard four teacher (way before it became year 4) read heaps of poetry and hooked me in to poetry so that even today I still write it. (Lucky to have a number published in the School Journals).

Books give you access to entire new worlds and I love that experience of discovering something scary, or sad or totally alien to my everyday life.

I still read children’s and YA books. Love anything at all by Michael Morpurgo as he weaves the most wonderful, sad and moving stories that stop you in your tracks and make you think.

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