Reading Festival: Molly (6) loves reading and her 4 poems are EXTRA EXTRA cool, read them to a friend

Molly goes to Springston School in Christchurch. She is in Year 2 and aged 6 years.

Molly sent me some poems for The Second Fabulous Poetry Competition that I loved so much I want to post them. That competition was for schools only, but I could tell that this was a girl who loved reading and writing so I invited her to answer some questions for our Reading Festival. I have posted her poems below. She wanted to know which poem was my favourite but to be honest I loved them all! Read her poems and post a comment for her to read! I just love them.

Some questions for Molly:

What is the best book you have read this year? Winni the witch and The BFG (read by Mum and Dad)

What was your favourite picture book when you were little? The Nickle Nackle Tree & The Lion in the Meadow


Where is your favourite place to read? In bed or in front of the fire in winter

What is the best book your teacher has read you? The Twits

Do you have a favourite author? Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton

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Why do you love reading? Books are so interesting and have lots of detail


I have scanned the four poems Molly wrote. These poems are magical and musical and a joy to read. She told me she wrote The Great Blue (what a cool name for a poem) after a trip to Quail Island on the ferry and that her long hair was wavy like the waves. I love the mole poem because it made me smile and it has fun rhyme to read. And I loved The Shadow poem bcause it is mysterious (and it has a cool drawing). And Night time Night time poem is very juicy indeed. What a great job Molly.

I had such a wonderful time reading your poems and your answers, I am sending you a book prize. Thanks to Scholastic I am sending you a gorgeous book of The Topp Twins singing She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain with illustrations by one of my favourite NZ illustrators, Jenny Cooper (so there is a CD too!). Published 2013.  Thank you Scholastic!


And here are the four fabulous poems:

IMG IMG_0001 IMG_0002


7 thoughts on “Reading Festival: Molly (6) loves reading and her 4 poems are EXTRA EXTRA cool, read them to a friend

  1. Carolyn

    Molly I am so proud of you! I love your Quail Island poem and I remember the story that you wrote about your treasure hunt adventure there. I have been very lucky to be your teacher this year. One day you will be a(n even more) famous writer!
    Well done Molly, from your very proud teacher, Ms Sutherland.


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