Reading Festival: Daniel’s favourite books and what his mum cooked him for breakfast .. cool!

170px-The_Tiger_who_came_to_tea-1      200px-The_Velveteen_Rabbit_pg_1 61aI91-O+VL._SX385_

To Paula

For competition 4 I can tell you about a favourite book.  I didn’t know if I would choose Little Red Train  or Velveteen Rabbit or The Tiger Who came to Tea, or one of my other favourites!  I decided to choose Dr Suess Green Eggs and Ham.  I love this because it is the first book I read all by myself and I gave my mum a shock when I read it to her.  Then she cooked me green eggs and ham for breakfast!
I liked doing all your competitions.
Thank you from
Age 5
Year 0

Adventure School

Dear Daniel  I LOVED Geen Eggs and Ham too. I still do. I often just start saying it out loud. And I am a big a fan of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Sounds like you have a cool Mum! Regards, Paula

Greenegg   Greenegg   Greenegg   Greenegg

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