Reading Festival: The world is a book for us all to read so have a go

Today is Week 2 of our Reading Festival. Still time to do the competitions I posted last Monday! Lots to post this week.

Some famous writers and thinkers have said that the world is like a book that we can read. We can read the clouds, the weather, how people act and and animals behave. Check out these hoof prints on the beach I saw today (like a line out of a story book!)


The World is a Book

Today I was at the beach very early

and as I walked it was like I was turning the pages

of a great big book. I could see the bare feet

and the feet in shoes. I could see the birds’

claws and the dogs’ paws. I could see

the horse’s feet that galloped and cantered.

Then I tried to read the clouds in the  blue page of sky.



I tried to read this strange thing:

IMG_4160 IMG_4159 IMG_4161

I saw a big furry hedgehoo on the beach.

When I saw that big hairy hoohog on the beach,

like a rusty old toothbrush doormat hat,

I started running faster than the waves!



Have a go at reading a bit of the world either as a little story or a poem.

Send to Include your name, age, year and name of school.

You can include your teacher’s name and email address. A spot prize for my favourite.

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