Reading Festival: With the help of Joy Cowley, Gemma (aged 7) published her first book

200px-HungryCaterpillar Unknown-23  cv_the_travelling_restaurant_2Just One More hires

Dear Paula

Thank you for putting Daniel’s and my poems on your website!
I have thought and thought but I can’t decide on a favorite book!  I never met a book I didn’t like!   I love nearly everything I read.  Maybe the first book I ever read, The Very Hungry Caterpillar?  Maybe Joy Cowley’s Just One More? Or TinTin?  Or any Enid Blyton or Roald Dahl or Dr Suess?  The Travelling Restaurant? Runny Babbit? Or my favourite this week, The Orchard Book of Greek Myths?  How can I choose from all the amazing books in the whole wide world?
So I will be a bit funny and tell you about a favourite book that is different:  Our Big Box.  This is a favourite because it is written by me, so  I have to like it!  I was lucky to have help from Joy Cowley to publish my book.  The illustrations by Amber Edwards are really cool and bring the story to life.  I like that it reminds us to use our imaginations.  When I see it in a bookshop or library I get really excited and can’t believe I wrote it. My book was published in July and we had a book launch in August at Porirua Library.
Here is a picture of me (and Daniel) with my book (courtesy of DomPost).
Thank you

From Gemma Lovewell

NOTE from Paula: I LOVE The Travelling Restaurant by Barbara Else (Gecko Press) and now there is a sequel. And I really really love The Very Hungry Caterpillar! I will talk about Gemma’s book soon on my blog. Congratulations Gemma this is very exciting.


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