Reading Festival: Ewen tempts me to read a new book

I haven’t read this Ewen, so I am going to after reading your review! That is what reviews can do .. tempt you to read something new!

Hi Paula,

This is what I wrote for challenge no.4 (tell me about a book you love).

I hope you like it!



The Last Thirteen
James Phelan
Boom! A helicopter crashes into the room, grasping Sam’s arm. Eva dreamed it; it happened. Where Eva’s dream ended, Sam’s had begun.

Sam dreamed it; it happened. But the ending’s not to flash. Sam, Eva and Alex (another chosen boy) must change it with the help of some people from the academy. But Solaris (the bad guy) wants something Sam has, though what does it do? What makes it so special?

A sudden ending which tempts you to read the next book. I really enjoyed the action and the creativity of the story.

Ewen aged 11, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air Primary School, Christchurch

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