Reading Festival: Ewen makes a dark kingdom out of book titles

I love the idea of keeping a reading book. I go to a Book Club for YA books and I have kept a notebook where I write about the books I have read. But I only do it for that. Maybe next year I will keep a notebook where I jot down thoughts on all the poetry books I read. Ewen has used her reading book to find titles to make into a poem. I had fun reading this!

Ewen aged 11, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air Primary School, Christchurch

Hi Paula,

I have written this poem out of books I have read this year. At Fendalton School we have a Book Club (lead by our awesome librarian Desna) and at the beginning of the year we were given this book to write any ‘booky’ things in there so I recorded all the books I read.  Thank you for making these fun challenges.

I hope you enjoy reading my poem!

Dark Kingdom

syren wails on dark days

on those days
shadow is cast

upon the little princess.

She lives in 
The Kingdom of the Wicked

where magyk has ruled

since ‘The Arctic Incident‘.

Every street
has a path of the beasts

leaving trash
in their trail.

Not last night but the night before

she sat in the secret garden

red rocks lay in the middle.

She stroked them softly


She was transported to Siberia

now free
from The Kingdom of the Wicked.


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