Reading Festival: Gemma has a book nook

Two lovely poems from Gemma. Thanks, your poems have painted pictures for me!

Dear Paula


I am glad my book arrived safely!

I have written 2 poems this week.


I hope you like reading them as much as I liked writing them!


Thank you from


Age 7

Year 3

Adventure School




1. My favourite place to read


The Book Nook


In my book nook

I hear only the flutter of the pages

As I read on

Until I finish the book


But then I start another.

I feel quite peaceful

I smell the ink on the pages

I taste the excitement of the story


No one knows I’m in my nook

It is my cave

Books surrounding me like bears

But I see only words


2. A poem as the favourite character

The Silver Chair


Through the portal

Falling deep

Sent by Aslan

To find Green Kirtle

Quest hijacked

Spells and tricks

Under me

Rescue me

In the name of Aslan

Before it is too late

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