Two delicious books: Melinda’s sleeping book and Gemma’s big box


Melinda Szymanik has a picture book out with gorgeous illustrations by Greg Straight. It is published by Duck Creek Press.

I love this book! From the delicious first line (‘While you are sleeping the world turns’) to the sweet end (can’t tell you that! You must read it yourself!). I have aways loved books and poems about night, espeically with the moon and the stars.

What is different about this book is that it shows you what is going on when one side of the world is sleeping. I am not going to tell you as that will spoil the book. You should hear it in Melinda’s words!

Melinda has poetry in her blood as she weaves her story with poetry magic. I love this line ‘Birds with full moon eyes take to the air’.

If you read this book you might be inspired to write a moon poem and put it in your summer poetry box (I will tell you about that on Friday!).

Even though my girls are teenagers I want to sit down with them after dinner and read them this story before they go to bed, because I reckon we are never too old for picture books like this.

Congratulations Melinda, Greg and Duck Creek Press– this is a beautiful book.


The second book is rather special as it is written by Gemma Lovewell and illustrated by  Amber Edwards (aged 14). Joy Cowley helped them publish this. Gemma goes to Adventure School in Porirua and is now aged 7 and in Year 3. In her bio note Gemma says she loves books and horses.

543821_10151842884706995_332408721_n 603353_10151842884456995_1951327334_n

Gemma wrote the story for a competition at Porirua Library (a favourite place of hers).

The book is perfect for this time of year, because it is all about what Gemma and her brother Daniel want for Christmas. The problem is … they get a big box (definitely not what was on their list!). Gemma’s story is the adventure of what they can do with a big box. I love the idea. I love the way we can find really ordinary things (a big box is pretty cool — my girls and my cats and dogs have always loved cardboard boxes) ….. and then use our imaginations to make them into something special. Gemma has thought of brilliant things you can use a big box for.

I am going to add a Gemma-box-poem challenge to my summer challenge on Friday!

As Joy Cowley says, this book should be in every home and library. Congratulations Gemma and Amber —  your book is a treat to read. I love it!

The book is published by The Copy Press, Nelson.

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