NZ Poetry Box Wrap Up — with a few special mentions and thank yous!


(excuse the punning photo from my wonderful South Island holiday!)

What a year it has been! Lots of poems read and written. Lots of books talked about. What a celebration of poetry for and by children.

Time to say thank you!

Thanks to the New Zealand authors who have so generously shared their writing life with us (for example John Parker, Gavin Bishop, Joy Cowley, Kate De Goldi, Kyle Mewburn, David Hill).

Thanks to the children from the tip to the toe of New Zealand  who have taken up poetry challenges, written poems and sent letters. One student in particular has stood out: Ewen from Fendalton Open Air School. She enters most challenges. She doesn’t always win a prize, but she always thanks me when I post her poems. She listens to my advice and sets off to take her writing further. You are my Poetry Box star for 2013. I am sending you a copy of my book, Flamingo Bendalingo. I am also giving special thanks to Sylvia from Parnell District School who has sent in such tremendous poems and writing this year. She is Year 8 — so is graduating from Poetry Box this year. I am sending her a copy of one of my poetry books. In my books, though, you have all been stars — your poems have given joy!

Thank you to all the fabulous schools, teachers and librarians who have taken time out of their busy schedule to help make Poetry Box an interactive blog that contributes something for us all. Special thanks to Desna from Fendaton Open Air School (your students think you are awesome!). I am sending you a copy of my book The Baker’s Thumbprint. Special thanks to Melanie Koster for her dedication to writing at Russley School, to helping children fall in love with writing no matter what their ability is. I am also sending you a copy of my book, The Baker’s Thumbprint.

Thank you to Random House, Scholastic,  Gecko Press and Auckland University Press who have contributed books as prizes. Your support and beautiful books have made a difference. Julia from Gecko Press even did a reading snapshot — awesome!

Thank you Christchurch! More schools and students have been involved than from anywhere else in NZ. You are awesome! I hope to be down your way again.

Thank you to all those who have kindly commented on the children’s writing. Special thanks to Maureen Sudlow (kiwiscan) (I am sending you a copy of my book The Baker’s Thumbprint). For a young poet to get a comment is pretty special.

A virtual bouquet of flowers to everyone who has viewed this blog, shared or liked a post and made it worthwhile for me to continue on next year (after a long holiday!).

Tomorrow will be my last post for the year and it will be a summer challenge for you all.

Love to all from,

Paula Green

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