making poems sound good

Poems can be a bit like making music. Sometimes when I read my poems out loud at schools and festivals I start to wriggle and jiggle like I am doing a dance because the words are making music inside me.

Some of my favourite poems and poets in the world are good at making me jiggle and dance inside when I read them! (Margaret Mahy, Bill Manhire, Jenny Bornholdt, Caleb Brown, Shel Silverstein)

Here are some tips to help make a poem sound good:

1. pick a topic and try collecting words first and then playing with how you put them together (like jamming!)

2. play with how many words you put on a line — mix it up — keep them the same

3. write a poem using no more than 12 words to start with

4. test out different words on the end of the line

5. try hiding rhyme in your poem

6. try finding words that nearly rhyme but don’t quite (stop it, bucket, Antarctica, shark)

7. read your poem out loud and listen to the line that sounds good


tomorrow I will post two challenges for you

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