Summer Holiday Poetry Challenges

I made a huge list of challenges for the summer holidays for you all. I have picked these three poems to post. I will send the poets a book prize. Congratulations.


Sweet or Sour

A rose is sweeter than a thorn

but a thorn is sharper than a rose.


The moon is paler than the stars

but the stars are brighter than the moon.


A pillow is softer than a brick

but a brick is stronger than a pillow.


Soft pillow, strong brick

bright stars, pale moon

sharp thorn, sweet rose.


With each strength brings a weakness

with each weakness brings a strength.


by Ewen, aged 11, Year 7, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch

(Write a poem with no rhyme)




The Humming Bird


‘Hum’ goes the soft beat of the

humming bird’s wings in the

cool dusk air.


‘Humm, squawk, squawk’

the funny little creature makes weird

noises out of its long orange beak

as it glides home to its family.



by Xanthe, year 8 aged 12

Kirkwood Intermediate, Christchurch


(challenge write a poem about a bird)




Oil Spill at Poem Bay


Sailing, sailing

Gliding like a bird in the wind

Darkness falls

Night now rules like a King on his throne

He covers the sea black

The king rises a black shape that the boat cannot see





The sun has awoken shooing the dark king away

Everything is light, except one thing.

The deep blue sea has transformed into a black trap

A pottle of ink a dead sea of ashes


by Freja, aged 9, Year 6 Karori West School Wellington

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