List poems can SOUND so good — give it a go


February is our month of exploring how poems sound. List poems are great way to make a poem sound good. I think it is the pattern that makes music in your ear. List poems can stick to a pattern and then change in the last line. Or list poems can stay the same all the way through. They might rhyme but they might not rhyme.

Here are some starting points for a list poem:

1. The first word or words might stay the same or the last word might stay the same.

2. Think of a bird. Then pick one word to go with it all the way down the page. then change the last line!  It might start:

Black owl

White owl


3. Think of what the sky looks like at night:

The night sky sparkles like glitter

the night sky hides things that flies


4.  Or you can make a pattern where every line has an action or a thing or a feeling:

Jump went the old grey kangaroo

Hop went the puffy white rabbit



the clock ticks

the phone rings

the dog barks



My feet like squishy green grass

my ears like squeaking summer crickets

my nose likes freshly baked biscuits

6. LISTEN to each line and make sure you like the sound of it

7. Or any other idea for a list you can think of. have fun!


You can enter you list poem in the February sound-poem competition.

Deadline: February 27th

Send to Include your name, age, year and name of school. You may include your teacher’s name and email address.

I am posting my favourites and will have a book prize for one yourung poet

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