What The New Zealand Book Council does for schools

blk on wht horz logo

I am so delighted that The New Zealand Book Council is supporting Poetry Box in various ways this year, I wanted to let you know what they do for schools. I have worked with them for years through their Writers-in-Schools programme, author tours and special events such as Speed Date and Author.

Why should I subscribe our school to the NZ Book Council?

The NZ Book Council’s ‘Writers in Schools‘ programme is focussed on creating future generations of kiwis, who read for pleasure as much as they read out of necessity. Your subscription helps us to use talented writers, poets, illustrators, playwrights and photographers, to reach children and schools throughout NZ, and gives your school a stake in the future direction of this important charity.

Access to funding for a half day school, museum or art gallery visit from an NZ writer or illustrator.
Subsidised tours of writers and illustrators travelling to schools beyond their local region.
First chance to subscribe your students to special school events around NZ, including ‘Speed Date an Author’ events.
A say in the future direction of the NZ Book Council and its work with schools – including the development of interactive Skype visits, videos and other resources.

Quarterly newsletter and School Library e-magazine.
Quarterly review competition for students.
Quarterly opportunities for your school library and your students to win a prize pack of Scholastic books and be published at www.bookcouncil.org.nz.
Quarterly chance to win a free 12 month subscription to the NZ Book Council.

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