My favourite poems from your favourite summer-moments poems

It was fun reading poems about your favourite summer moments. I have picked FOUR to post. Congratulations! Do keep sending you poems in even if you missed out this time.

4   4

I have a book prize for Gemma. I am sending her Millie Maloo and the Miracle Glue by Melanie Koster and illustrated by Sarah Nelisiwe (Schoalstic 2011). This a picture-book story with lively lines and a plain hat that has an adventure (Millie is a girl after my own heart as she loves ‘poetry, pottery, painting and dance and three times a year she hitchhiked through France’). Melanie not only writes books but works with children at Russley School. Thank you for donating this prize!


My Cousins

Never met them before

nervous and happy

at the same time

they’re friendly



all friends


they’ve arrived


By Daniel Age 5 Year 1 Adventure School Wellington



Hitting a six

Watching the ball

Raising the bat

I hit it


Up and away

It has wings







By Gemma Age 7 Year 4 Adventure School Wellington



Hero 3

Hero 3  Happiness

Hair spiking

Muted squealing

Bubbles bursting

Water shimmering

Tasting salt


Splashing sounds

Warm water

Go Pro captures

Aqua Days


By Jack Year 6 Age 9 Fendalton School Christchurch

P.S it was in my pool!!!!!



Faster, Faster, Faster

In a bubble

speeding up wind

heart thumping

faster and faster

legs a slave

to the race,

the marathon.


By Ewen aged 11, Year 7, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch






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