Woohoo … Mrs. Mo’s Monster is …….. M a R v E L L o U s

9781927271018  9781927271018   9781927271018

Mrs. Mo’s Monster by Paul Beavis (Gecko Press, 2014)

Here is a wonderful new picture book from Gecko Press written and illustrated by Paul Beavis. Paul lives in Wellington.

The pictures are really simple but they CATCH your EYE (and we are using our EYES this month!).

There is a cheeky monster that likes to ‘CRUNCH, MUNCH, AND CHEW‘ e v  e r y t h i n g!

Which is a real problem for Mrs Mo!

The cheeky monster knows how to crunch and munch, but he doesn’t know how to do much else!

OhOHOHOh! How will it end?               You will have to read it for yourself.

The story is written with zing and pizzazz so it is FUN to read aloud (just like poems!).

Bravo Gecko Press and Paul!  Highly recommended.

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