The Best-Behaved Bear might get you doing a bear poem

9781775431879   9781775431879

I love coloured pencils. I loved drawing with them when I was little and now I like looking at illustrations done with them.

There is a new book in the Best-Loved Bear series, written by Diana Noonan with Elizabeth Fuller’s gorgeous coloured pencils at work. Mmmm! Tasty! I love it when one colour goes on top of another.

The new book is called The Best-Behaved Bear. Tim was off to a tropical island for a wedding, but there was something he just HAD to fit in his bag. Yes, you guessed it, his teddy bear (but oh woe, he wouldn’t fit). Poor teddy has one disaster after another as Tim tries to fit him other bags. He gets to go but something IMPORTANT doesn’t. This is a delightful story that made me SMILE when I got to the end.

The Best-Behaved Bear, Diana Noonan, illustrated by Elizabeth Fuller, Scholastic, 2014


If you feel in the mood, try writing a teddy-bear poem. It might true or made-up.


DEADLINE for your Teddy-Poem Challenge: Thursday March 27th

Send to Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email. PLEASE say it’s for the eye-poem challenge.

I will post my favourites and have a book prize for one poet. I will give one poet a copy of the book.  Thank you SCHOLASTIC for providing this!

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