Wow! Hannah’s murky bog is STUNNING (she’s in Year 4)

I was so delighted when Hannah sent me this piece of writing. Hannah is in Year 4 and goes to Redcliffs School in Christchurch. Thanks to the New Zealand book Council I got to visit this splendid school last year.

I love the way Hannah has worked at editing her piece. It is full of EYE catching detail, juicy words, dancing similes. This piece of writing is a JOY to read.  Thank you Hannah! I have read it SEVEN times so far.



Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 9.56.11 AM

4 thoughts on “Wow! Hannah’s murky bog is STUNNING (she’s in Year 4)

  1. Paula Green Post author

    Poet Marty Smith told me this: Hannah’s writing is so vivid and fresh that I feel bait red-faced myself, and then quietly relieved by the sunlight on fire. I also really love the cruel laughter of the gulls, because that’s exactly how they laugh.

  2. room 6, redcliffs school

    Room 6, Hannah’s class would like to say
    “you are such an amazing writer, we’re blown away, it’s like a famous person has written it, you might become a famous author…..Your two teachers and classmates are so proud of you…”


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