Here are the second lot of EYE-ZINGING poems (Post 2)


Here is Post 2 with some great EYE poems. Everyone used their EYES and everyone went hunting for EYE zinging words. I need to stock up on book prizes so just a handful to give away today.



Some students from Golden Sands School at Papamoa sent in poems that had EYE popping detail. The juicy words made the subjects of their poems come alive. I loved them all but I have picked some to post. Great job—they were all fabulous poems.


I am sending Cole a copy of Creepy Crawlies (amazing animal facts and puzzles to match his cool bat poem) and thanks to the lovely author Melanie Koster I am sending Olivia a copy of Melanie’s book, The Reluctant Little Flower Girl (this has gorgeous illustrations by Jenny Cooper and is about feisty flower girl!).


It’s marble like eyes

watch intently

over the land.


Its striped feathers

rustle as

its wings spread.


By Joshua, aged 7 years. 



Wings spread out like a speck of a tree

Slimy skin slides across the stone brick wall

Eyes of the bat are a fluro red colour

He is looking at you …


The Bat.

By Cole, aged 8 



The Mystery Animal

The razor sharp teeth are as white as the bright

glistening moon shining on the water.

By Joe, aged 8


The turquoise scales are like shooting stars;

The shimmer of the surfaces where they look like cars.

Their diverse bodies like slimey gunge,

All cold and wet like a slippery sponge.

As the sun goes down don’t make a peep,

As the aquatic creatures are sleeping

down deep



Aria, aged 10.


White Kiwi

Feathers as white as the glowing moon on the night sky

Shuffling along the track moving the crisp leaves as it goes

Night passes over the land as it peeps out

By Olivia, aged 8, Year 4




With its strong body the tiger prowls through the

green jungle like the sly hunter it is.


It pounces off a tree like a monkey

and lands on its four feet.


Its fiery eyes stare at me with confidence as

if it was going to jump on me like a big, crazy dog


It opens its ferocious mouth

and roars like the king

it wants to be.


It’s terrific tail swishes around in the

wondrous wind like a million seagulls fighting

over one tiny piece of bread.

Maya, aged 9



The old


grey elephant

with feet as massive as river rocks

and ears flapping like a bird

reluctantly plods

through the grass

Phoebe, aged 10.


Mist swirled

twinkling fingers of pale sunlight

like the silent echo of birdsong

lanced through silky white fur

like soft milky moonshine.

Madi, aged 9





Damian has found great detail to make a picture of a tree shine on the page.


My Tree 

My favourite tree so broad and bold

surrounded by leaves

it has scattered when old,

the bark so rough

and its wood

so tough,

its long branches

when blown around

swing and dance,

its roots so deep

covered by dirt,

keeping it up so tall and steep

Damian, 11 years old, Bream Bay College, Whangarei






Ellie has used rhyme and short lines to make a poem that has terrific rhythm and EYES at the centre. Great job Ellie!


What Eyes Show

Eyes know

Where minds go

Stories old

Stories told


Green and blue

Hazel too

Flecks are poised, like birds in flight

they flit between the dark and light


Angry glaring

Lonely staring

Slyly peeking

True love seeking


Eyes show

Where minds go

Dreams met

Secrets kept

By Ellie, age 12, Year 8, Prebbleton School, Christchurch






Students at Glen Eden Primary School also sent in some terrific poems. I have picked a few to post.They have used some ELECTRIC similes to make their poems zing and pop.


Great White Shark

Great White Sharks are fast like the wind

And Superman

Swimming fast and strong

Like the Hulk

Scary and horrifying

Sharp teeth like a knife

By James K (Year 4)


Diamond Crazy Green Fish

Green like grass

Crazy like me

Diamondy like a crystal

Shiny like the sun

Spotty like a jacket

Crazy fish

By Ferila (Year 4)


Spooky Fish

Wobbly like a snake

Big like an elephant

Sharp like a torpedo

Strong like superman

Fast like a car

Spooky like a ghost

By Jerome (Year 4)







Room 8 at Ohaupo School sent in a bunch of cool EYE poems. They looked a bit like eyes on the page and had eyes as their subjects. I like the way the young poets went hunting for eye words and found words that surprised me!


I loved reading them all but here are a couple of my favourites (I love the word ‘cucumber’ in a poem so I am sending Sophie a copy of one my favourite Gecko Press picture books, Donkeys):




Shimmering, beaming

Twinkling, gleaming, beady eyes

Golden, inky, sparkling, sunless

Pitch black, rayless, dusky

Faint, murky


By Ashtyn, Year 6, aged 10





Green alien

Spying, sneaking, twitching

Emerald jelly

Gooey gumballs

Sophie, Year 6, aged 1 0



Coffee brown

Winking, flashing, observing

Coco chocolate

Crackling walnuts


By: Aimee O’Connor

Year: 7   Ages: 11






Chilling, bloodcurdling

Flashing, petrifying, alarming

Blind, shinnying, sleeping, steering

Unlocked, unbolted, unfastened

Magnificent, dawning

By: Elizabeth, age 11, Year: 7


Blue eyes

Sapphire, ocean blue

Shinning, blinking, concentrating

Navy, icy blue, emerald, light

Olive, cucumber, forest green

Pickle green

Green eyes

Sophie, Year 6, age10




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