A poem as a gift

Last night I made a little speech for Carole Beu at The Women’s Bookshop for their 25th Anniversary. The enormous room (it was like six rooms really) was packed with people so I felt nervous. I felt even more nervous as I couldn’t decide what to give her. In the end I had a written a poem as my gift— something I have hardly ever done before.

But I decided this is a lovely thing to do. So my challenge for you is to try writing a poem as a gift for someone. It might be for your mum or dad or grandparent, or your best friend, or your teacher, for a birthday or a special celebration day.

Whenever my girls made me things it was very special.

Write the title of the poem and then underneath write who it is for. This is how my poem started:


for Carole Beu

You open a book

and you open

out into the width

of the world.


You could save your poem and give it to the person, or save it for the right time (their birthday, a special day).  If you like you can send it to me and I will post some of my favourites. The poem might be about the person (what you love about them) or about something they love. My poem for Carole was about reading as that is one of the things she loves.


DEADLINE for your Gift Poem Challenge: Friday April 11th April

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email. PLEASE say it’s for the Gift Poem Challenge.

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