on the way to school TURNS into poems

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This was a fun challenge and I have picked two poems about ‘on the way to school’  to post.

Congratulations! I am sending Daniel a copy of my book The Terrible Night because it is all about a cat. I loved the idea of patting cats all the way to school Daniel. Your poem reminded me of how Margaret Mahy could take a  spark of an idea and a dash of imagination and a sprinkle of sparkly words and get a poem! Just as you have done. And I do love the rhythm and energy in Gemma’s poem.

On The Way to School

Pedalling fast

I go whizzing past

The bus at the end of our street


It’s not very far

You don’t need a car

But I prefer wheels, to feet


I race to the gates

To find my mates

At the place where we usually meet


But wait! Oh no!

In my hurry to go

I forgot to get something to eat!

Gemma L, aged 8, Year 4, Adventure School, Wellington


I Meet Cats

On the way to school

I meet cats


They come out to play

It’s great!


I stop every day

To pat them all


And it always

makes me late


We see a maine coon

At twenty one


Then big fluffy Griffin

At twenty


The skinny Burmese runs out

From eighteen


Where ever I go

There are plenty


Piper pops out

From number thirteen


Then Snow comes over

From ten


I see the tabby from

Number nine


And of course

Little Susie again


All of these cats

Make me stop and pat


Them on the way

to school


I wish I had room

To keep them all


Because that would be


Daniel L, aged 5, Year 1, Adventure School

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