what is a poem gets the pens flowing

Lots of poems on writing poems! You can see my one in the New Zealand Treasury when it comes out in October!

Meanwhile I have picked three to post. Congratulations young poets! If you missed out this time try the next challenges.

I am sending Nicholas one of those fridge poetry-magnet sets so he can make more poems on his fridge! Maybe he  will send me one he makes up.


What is a poem?

A poem is inspiration

it can give you good

it can give you bad

it can make you happy

it can make you sad

but when you read it

make the best of what you can


poetry can

have an effect on people

it can make them brag

it can make them swag

it can make them laugh

it can make them cry

it can make them sigh

it can make them lie


but remember poems

are like good friends…

         you can never have too many


Pierre G, Year 8, Russley School




Poetry is magic said with words

flowing through the air

as it creates smiles

makes us laugh

It’s for everyone who seeks fun

It will tell you anything you want

as it makes your brain twist

Poetry makes you bite your nails

What would I feel like without poems?


Oliver aged 11 in Year 7 at Pinehurst School




ink hits paper as I begin to write

tales of the sea begin to rhyme

through night and day I prevail

to write the endless tale

The poem I am writing

swarms my thoughts

longer and longer time flies

until the pen stops writing

silence echoes through the room

before the yells of joy

about the success that has come around


Nicholas J aged 11 Year 7 Pinehurst School


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