some children’s poems for ANZAC DAY

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I recently posted a number of fabulous ANZAC poems written by children. You can read two below and the others here. The other day I bought myself a copy of Jim’s Letters after hearing John McIntyre from The Children’s Bookshop in Wellington review it on the radio. I am going to read it this morning … then plant some new plants in my garden.



I love Anzac biscuits

Because they are crumbly and tasty


But they remind me

That soldiers didn’t get many treats


I love Dawn Service

Because it’s an adventure


But it reminds me

That soldiers are important


It is good to remember

But it is sad to remember.

Daniel L, aged 5, Year 1, Adventure School, Wellington


We Will Remember

I wear these medals

I will remember


My Grandad wore these medals

He will remember


His Dad wore these medals

He can’t remember


His Dad earned those medals

He wouldn’t want to remember.

Gemma L, aged 8, Year 4, Adventure School, Wellington


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