Two holiday challenges from Gemma and Daniel

Gemma  and Daniel invented these fun challenges. Have a go yourself and send to with your details. I have lots of favourite lines in Daniel’s poem and I like the pattern in Gemma’s poem and the way it really takes you on a journey. Both are good to read out loud! Bravo! I would like to have a go myself today … watch this space.

Animal Alliteration Challenge

Write a poem about animals using alliteration to describe them. See if you can do the whole alphabet!


Armoured armadillo

Black and white badger

Cute kitten

Droopy dog

Evil eagle

Furry foal

Gorgeous gorilla

Happy horse

Interesting iguana

Jumping jaguar

Cuddly Koala

Lapping leopard

Marvellous monkey

New narwhal

Orange octopus

Popular penguin

Quarrelsome quail

Racing rabbit

Shearing the sheep

Terrifying tiger

Usual unicorn

Virtuous vole

Wet walrus

X-rayed x-ray fish

Yellow yak

Zebrafying zebra

by Daniel aged 5, Year 1, Adventure School, Wellington



2. Transport Challenge

Write a poem including as many different kinds of transport as you can. It might be about a journey, or…


On my bike

To the bus stop

On the bus

To the train station

On the train

To the City

On a taxi

To the Ferry

On the Ferry

To the other side

On a water taxi

To my destination!


Gemma, Age 8, Year 4, Adventure School.

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