Xanthe’s wonderful ANZAC poem (aged 12)

This wonderful ANZAC poem by Xanthe arrived in my email box. I love the way she doesn’t tell me everything. I think she has thought and wrote and tested and wrote and read and wrote this poem. It has a sense of care about it. I loved reading it. Thank you Xanthe!


The arrivals

The sun glistened over the lonely hills and bounced off one

of the proud soldiers badges and hit me straight in the eye.

I squinted to see their modest uniform.


They were smiling but I could see the gloom and dread

though their depressed eyes.


I listened for the voice of the one soldier i dreamed about,

My hero,

My Dad.


The warmth of the sun tanned my pale face nervous with


I felt a hand on my shoulder,


she was sniffing. Her face was glum and stayed that way.


She turned away. I followed her, hand in hand.


I knew what had happened,

I started to cry.

 by Xanthe (12yrs) Kirkwood Intermediate, Christchurch

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