The School Day at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival was magnificent fun


Cornelia Funke signing books (my daughter and I have loved her books, especially The Thief Lord)

Yesterday I spent the whole day at the festival. I would loved to have sat in on Cornelia Funke and Des Hunt, but I was busy taking a workshop with Year 7 to Year 10 students. I was blown away by what the students wrote in a whisker of a time. Poetry filled the air! We did Poems as Snapshots.

Then I spoke in the  ASB Theatre to a HUGE audience. I went on stage after two very hot-funny-lively-crazy-inspiring writers-comedians-comic artists–The Etherington Brothers. They showed how stories spark and crackle. How stories gain zesty life with just the right ingredients.

When it was my turn, I tested out a few poems from my new book out in August, The Letter Box Cat, I read a mix of children and adult poems, and went down into the audience and got them making up poems too. It was a great audience!


Some poetry fans in my queue!

I felt very moved that so many children came to my signing queue and told me they loved poetry— they loved reading poetry and they loved writing poetry. It felt like a thumbs up for POEMS! I had told them about two NZ writers who had inspired me, both as writers and as authors who have given so much more to the readers and writers of this country. Margaret Mahy and Bill Manhire.

Four words matter to me as I write: Ear, Eye, Heart, Mind … and these four all live at the house of PLAY! That’s what I discover in the poems of Bill and Margaret–an ear, eye, heart and mind at work — all in the house of PLAY!

In my session I explored how I use my ear when I write!

So thank you Auckland Writers Festival for putting on two book-loving school days. When I asked who loved reading everyone put up their hands (and for writing too!).

And thank you Auckland Writers Festival for putting on FREE events. My event on Sunday (11 am, Herald Theatre) is free but ticketed. Do come and say hello to me afterwards.

At this session I have two copies of Flamingo Bendalingo to give away  to my two favourite questions thanks to Auckland University Press.

cp-flamingo-bendalingo-poems-from-the-zoo  cp-flamingo-bendalingo-poems-from-the-zoo

2 thoughts on “The School Day at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival was magnificent fun

  1. Laura Newman

    Hi I was at the festival i was from pinehurst and if you remember i was the girl who asked you on the. Spot what is the craziest word you can make up? I can not remember exactly what you answered but my answer would be bazoogle!

    I think your poetry is beautiful and you entertain so well Thank you Laura Sent using OWA for iPad ________________________________


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