some very funny story poems ….


I challenged you to write a story poem that was funny and here are my three favourites! They made me laugh and smile. Thank you!

Daniel came up with TWO! They are very funny indeed! Great job Daniel. I am sending you a copy of The Book of Complete Nonsense. It has lots of funny poems in it!

I don’t know, but Daniel’s poems might both be mostly true! You decide. The words he picked sound scrumptious together! Daniel is 5, is in Year 1 and goes to Adventure School in Wellington.


Fat Flubber

Flubber jumped off her cat tower

And landed on thumpy paws

She smelt breakfast food

She licked her grumpy jaws


Flubber followed the food scent

And jumped on the breakfast bar

She spied a bowl of yoghurt

Her favourite food by far


She didn’t ask politely

Or pour it in a bowl

She headed for mum’s breakfast

She was out of control!


It was yoghurt and banana

Banana’s yuck! She thought

She dodged that, and ate the yoghurt

Then sneaked off before she was caught.



Prince William’s Pants

On Wednesday we went on a train adventure

The heavy rain came down like rocket-powered rain

We walked through the crowded city

We wanted to watch The Royals

We waited

And waited

And waited

Squished by a lot of people

We were very excited

Then the sun came out

Finally they arrived

Prince William and Princess Kate

I waved my flag

All my family could see over the gates

But I couldn’t

Instead I got a great view of




I also loved this funny story poem by Isaac. It made me laugh! What an imagination. You have chosen your words well! Your rhyme works beautifully too. Wonderful!


The cymbals

Bang goes the first drum,

Smash goes

the cymbals.


An ant

plays the drum

and he’s

smaller than a thimble.


The cat

tried the trumpet,

He couldn’t

make a sound.

So he turned around

And left with a bound.

Although he accidentally, purposely

Crashed into a hound.


Now no one is here

The orchestra is bare

Apart from the very

old and ugly hare.


Isaac 10 yrs, Year 6, St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Taupo

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