Young poets: I need your help to launch the Letterbox Cat

Letterbox Cat   Letterbox Cat     Letterbox Cat

Time to show you the cover of my new book, The Letterbox Cat and other poems. I am really excited. I love the look of it inside too. Scholastic are publishing it in August. Thank you Scholastic! Myles Lawford did the cool illustrations.

In August I will post a competition for all of NZ and have some copies of the book as prizes.

But right now I am on the hunt for some young Auckland poets to help my launch my book at Storylines Family Day in Auckland.


What you have to do: Write a poem about a cat. It might be funny. It might be a true story. It might make a picture of a cat grow with words. It DOES need to sound good read aloud.

Send to me by August 15th to


My favourite poets will get to read their cat poems with me at the Family Day launch.

When:Sunday August 31st ( I don’t know exact time yet)

Where: Aotea Centre, Auckland


You need to include: Your name, age, year, name of school (home-schooled is okay too!)

You need to include the name and email of your parent or guardian

You can also include the name and email of your teacher

Your parent or guardian needs to give permission for you to read at my launch



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