Stories for 6 Year Olds is wonderful and it gave me two great ideas for poems- have a go!

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shhhsh! there is something very exciting about this challenge! somewhere on this page!

Random House have published two books of stories. Stories for Six Year Olds and Stories for Seven Year Olds. As you know I am neither six nor seven but I loved reading the stories. I have only read the first book so will tell you about the other one soon.

Elizabeth Pulford has a story where two pets have embarrassing names!

There is a terrific story by Barbara Else about a pirate who thought he had a parrot but had an emu! That idea deserves a poem, to be sure, to be sure! Argghhghg! You could try this one too!

Go hunting and find you own treasures in this delightful book!

Meanwhile I have picked out two stories that got me thinking about writing a poem (but you can do the pirate one too)!


Number one: Margaret Mahy’s ‘Green Marmalade to You’

This story is about a boy who lives with a cat and a crocodile (what a great start for a story –it could go anywhere!). They live happily together but they speak different languages. Let me show you:

When one says ‘Good Morning,’ another says ‘Good Mooing’ and the other says ‘Green Marmalade.’

You can see this might be very confusing but they seem to understand each other.

It is a story of delicious mix ups so I challenge you write a poem of word mix ups!


Number two: Peter Friend’s ‘Sky’

I loved this story ! A child asks ‘Why the sky is blue’ and everyone comes up with some wild and wonderful reasons why it is so! For example Aunty Cyclone is coming. It is very inventive.

I challenge you to write a poem with wild and wonderful reasons why the sky is blue.


DEADLINE for your Mahy or Friend-Poem Challenge: Thursday June 19th

Send to Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email. PLEASE say it’s for the Mahy or Friend-Poem challenge.

I will post my favourites from all the Mahy and Friend-Poem Challenges and thanks to Random House I have  copies of the book  for two poets  (Year 0 to Year 8). And Random House would like to post my picks on their website. How exciting is that!





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