At Balmoral School the words just bubbled and bubbled

Last week I had a great visit to Balmoral School. The students came up with some sizzling lines for poems when I worked with all the Year 5 and 6s in the auditorium. I did a workshop and words bubbled and bubbled. I loved them all, but here are a few of my favourite bird poems. Thanks for a super school visit.


Kiwi As

Active kiwi

hiding his rough camouflage

blending in with the bushes wobberling

through the dark

deep forest, the sharp

beak dragging along the

forest floor, the moon

shning on the kiwi

kiwi as

Ben Year 6


Black-billed Gull

Oil on snow

swoops down

glorious gliding gull

soaring, gliding, landing

pecks a bug


Piddle, paddle, looks up

at the sky

3, 2, 1


Ink-gull flies.

Noah Year 6


Blue Duckie Funny shuffle

Plips nuff

Snuffle scroog

Plip snuff


Flap flap




Splish Splosh

Night Night.

Sadie Year 5


NZ Falcon

Curved dagger beak

waiting for the

sound of tiny feet,

claws like knives

poised to strike,

floats above

watching for movement.

George Year 6


Clumsy Kereru

Shiny green,

slomsly flaps through the

forest, crashes on a



to others,

feathers shining

eyes shining,

wobbling through the air

searching for


then swooping

onto the

Ben Year 6



Ocean blue

neatly perching on the jiggered twig.

Hunting for food

in the crisp autumn leaves.

Its beak as black as

coals on fire.

Flippy flap

tweet chirp

peck pick

rustle rustle

Catrin, Year 6

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