A visit to a cool library

My visit to Milford School uncovered some cool ideas for Book Week. The lovely librarian showed me some of the Poetry Books classes had made and told me the school is dressing up in their favourite characters from poems for their Book Parade. Two very good ideas. It was a cool school to visit. Thank you!

We had a mass poem-writing session and the children made up some poems in the hall to celebrate the library. Here is one of them:

My Amazing Library

Our school library

Is my free ticket to…


Trees and house keys,

Italy and pizzas,

Antarctica and apples,

Harry Potter and J.K Rowling,

Lord Voldemort and a lion’s roar,

Space and sun,

Disneyland and The Beatles band,

A bread toaster and my mum’s cup coaster,

but the best place I like to be

is in my school library.

Islay, Year 5, Milford School




One thought on “A visit to a cool library

  1. kiwiskan

    Yes, I was sad I was unable to accept their invitation to visit this week as we’d just got back from overseas and we were inundated with meetings…


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