A wonder poem challenge– Daniel gets wondering and digesting!

9781775536123   9781775536123  9781775536123

I asked you to wonder about something. Daniel has wondered about digestion. He told me he wrote a story about it at school and then turned it into a poem at home. He told me: ‘I had to add some words and take some words away. ‘I think it works beautifully as a poem.

Thanks to Random House, I am giving him a copy of Stories For Six Year Olds.


I am food

I am eaten

I am chewed

I am swallowed

But then what?


I slip down a slide into a dark place

It is like a massive pool

Water is dripping on me

Scary white things are munching at me

I am scared


Suddenly I am pushed out

Down a long tunnel


Water swirls me around and around

I am dizzy


Then I am squished

Down a shorter tunnel

No!!! I am smaller now

All my good parts are gone

It is smelly in here – I want to get out…



By Daniel, Year 1, age 5, Adventure School, Porirua

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