Two cool poems: Monica’s dream holiday sounds very dreamy indeed and Izak’s robot’s holiday is not at all dreamy!

I just discovered these two magnificent holiday poems from Christchurch. Mmm I love sushi too. I even like making it at home. And I love the story Izak tells .. sometimes home is best!  It is a delight to post these as both poems fizz and sparkle with well-chosen words.

Dream Holiday

I’d wake up on a pillow of feathers and down

my body would sway to a musical sound.

On the edge of my bed would be slippers and food

-a great start to the day, I’d be in a good mood


Some flowers would be on the bench, just about to bloom.

I’d prance to the sushi stall in the corner of the room.

I would shove all the sushi right into my mouth.

This room would be the best in all of the house


I would turn and stare at the hydroslide

I would get on my toys and go for a ride.

If only someone could make this come true,

“Woohoo!” I’d yell, “Woohoo! Woohoo!”

by Monica K, age 12, year 7, Russley School

Horrible Holiday for Homer

At Christmas, Homer the robot

went for a holiday

on Mars…

but when he got there

there was a giant dust storm.

So he went to Jupiter.

“Brrrrr!” he said, “too cold!”

So he went to Mercury.

Sizzle, sizzle!

“Ouch! Too hot!” he said.

Eventually he had been through

the whole solar system.

Poor Homer!

So he stayed at home.


– by Izak, age 9, year 5, Russley School


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