I have two more authors from the Treasury who have agreed to be interviewed — do you want to give it a go?

So! I am on the hunt for two more young students or classes (up to Y8) to interview an author in A Treasury of NZ Poetry for Children. Wow! This is going to a picnic basket full of delicious interviews.

This is amazing ….

Would you like to have a go? Get in touch if you do!  Look below for what to do next:


1. Let me know you would like to do an interview paulajoygreen@gmail.com

2. Tell me your name, age, year and name of school, or class year and name of teacher.

3. I will send you the name of the author and a few clues about them. It is a lucky dip!

4. Write 5 to 7 questions that I will send the author.

5 Do some research on the author if you can and write a two-sentence bio on them (paragraph tops). This will be easy for some and impossible for some (so I can help).

6. Write your own bio. What your like to do and  read and write. Your first name, year and name of school. And so on. If you send permission I can post your photo.

7. Send me your questions and bio paulajoygreen@gmail.com

8. In October I will post the interviews with a photo of the author.

9. I will have a copy of the Treasury for my favourite interview by a child and my favourite interview by a class.




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