here are my two favourite moon poems


I did a post about the moon in poems and challenged you to write some. Here are my two favourites. Ewen‘s is in the shape of a moon which is very cool and Venetia‘s has lots of juicy rhyme. Both made a picture of a moon balloon in my head. Great job!

I have a copy of Love that Dog by Sharon Creech for Ewen. It is a wonderful novel in verse all about writing poetry and a dog!

If you haven’t read this book yet you should. I might see if I can find another copy to give away one day.



Bright eye looking down

against the dark sky.

Whether new


or full,


it brightly,

casts its eye ,

down at us humans.

Ewen aged 12,  Year 7, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch


Fly to The Moon

Up in the sky,

How high can you fly?

To reach the moon,

On a blue balloon.

When you get there one day,

Would you shout hurray?

If it was me,

Up in the debris,

I’d quick do a pee,

So no one would see,

After that I’d sit down,

Put my face on the ground,

Start devouring cheddar,

Probably getting much redder,

Oxygen getting low,

Guess I’d have to go,

So I’d jump off in flight,

With all of my might,

When people see me floating down,

All tangled up and spinning round,

I’d say hey! I’ve been gone for days

But its only just the end of May!


Venetia 11 years old, Year 6 Gladstone Primary School Auckland.

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